They’re Finally Getting It

After years and years, and millions of diabetics around the world, big stores are starting to recognize our needs.

After a recent stroll through Wal-Mart, I was very surprised to see that they did a little rearranging of their aisles near the pharmacy in order to make a special row for diabetics!

Cooking For DiabeticsSure, it’s not just for our benefit, I’m sure they have dollar signs rolling around in their heads, but how great is it we can walk in and find everything that we need in one section?

As I was walking around, checking out what they had available, an employee walked over and asked if she could help me.  My first thoughts were that I would ask a question and she’d go find a pharmacist or tell me that she couldn’t help.  To my surprise, she was very knowledgeable!  I’m not saying she could compete with my doctor or a specialist, however she spoke very confidently and knew what she was saying.  I asked her about the new aisle and she said it was in an effort to make it easier for diabetics to make informed choices and be able to get in, grab what they need, and get out.

Alright, I’m not tooting Wal-Mart and saying they are the greatest.  It’s no surprise that you have to walk past several “sale” aisles and other advertisements, in an effort to get you to buy more than what you came for.  I will say this though, it’s kind of nice to at least be thought of, and the prices were actually quite decent.  In this aisle were glucose meters (and supplies), sugar substitutes, safe drinks, and other items that help to make our lives a little easier.  If you can put your blinders on and walk directly to this aisle, you’ll make out like a bandit!

Cooking for diabetics couldn’t get any easier with all your safe cooking needs placed in one convenient aisle.

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