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Cooking For Diabetics is a website source for diabetic information and healthy diabetic recipes. Whether this is your first time visiting us, or your 50th.. we are so glad to see you.

Typically people who come to Cooking For Diabetics either or someone they love has been diagnosed with Diabetes. Recently diagnosed people may feel scared, shocked, angry or overwhelmed. These are all normal emotions. Educating yourself about the disease can help reduce these feelings. Diabetes is a disease that affects the whole family. The good news is that you can live a long and healthy life by keeping your blood glucose levels in the target range set by your doctor. Cooking for Diabetics recognizes this and wants to help.

Cooking For Diabetics

Why Cooking For Diabetics?

Why Cooking For Diabetics? Prior to creating this website I had a few friends and family that had type 2 diabetes, and diabetic recipes were just an interest. It was nice to be able to have them over and know that whatever I made was safe. Cooking for them was kind of fun too.. trying to find or create recipes that didn’t contain sugar, etc. A few years ago my “cooking for diabetics” became cooking for me, a diabetic! Shocked and terrified, I decided to seek out whatever information I could find to manage my new life and the idea for this website was born.

Within Cooking For Diabetics, we have created several articles to help inform you about diabetes, as well as adding hundreds of recipes to help you through your meal plans. We’ve tried to organize everything so it’s easy to find and articles or recipe categories are listed along the right side of the website. If you can’t find something specific that you are looking for, try using the Search This Site feature, which will search through the entire website.

Diabetes is one of life’s hurdles and Cooking For Diabetics understands that. Taking control of your diet is a major step to keeping this disease in balance, and helping yourself live a long and enjoyable life.

If you’re interested in finding new and interesting recipes, please feel free to browse through this website or visit some of the various website links listed at the top or bottom.

Cooking For Diabetics